I'll never forget sitting in one of my college journalism classes and being told that none of us were going to get a job.

I graduated right after the Great Recession, and it was an uncertain time, especially for media. But being told I can't achieve something only makes me want to do it more. And I was determined to write for a living. For the rest of undergrad, I poured myself into unpaid internships and freelance gigs, racking up hundreds of bylines. And then something amazing happened: Less than a month out of school, I got my dream job. 

During my first job as associate editor of Gulfstream Media Group's lifestyle magazines, I was part of a two-person editorial team responsible for producing more than 100 pages of print content each month. That meant a lot of work, yes. But it also meant I got to put my hands on every part of the creative process—and write about every subject I could dream of. Working in South Florida’s luxury market afforded me opportunities to test high-end beauty products, travel to the Caribbean for tourism pieces, and interview people I idolized—fashion designers like Tory Burch and interior designers like Jonathan Adler. I was living the New York magazine editor dream, but with better weather.

But more importantly, my job allowed me to tell stories. I met cancer survivors, filmmakers and entrepreneurs. I collaborated with our photographers and designers to ensure the visual story was just as powerful as the written one.

I worked hard. I stayed late. And shortly after my 26th birthday, I was made editor in chief of Gulfstream Media Group. Not long after that, I relocated to Louisiana to become the first female editor of 225 magazine, a lifestyle magazine celebrating people, food and culture in Baton Rouge.

Every day of my career has been different. I've interviewed celebrities, organized cover shoots, led print and web redesigns, written and edited award-winning stories, studied analytics and reconfigured social media strategies.

Being an editor has not been without its challenges, like figuring out what to do when a photo shoot gets rained out or how to snag that writer or photographer you’re dying to work with. But working with the incredible team of creatives I've been lucky enough to call colleagues has taught me more than I ever learned in college.

And getting to work together to tell stories makes it all worth it.


When I'm off the clock...

I absorb as much as I can about interior design, which is one of my great loves, through magazines, books and blogs. I believe in all things bohemian and Jonathan Adler, though I've never met an article about IKEA hacks I won't click on.

I love to travel and am constantly trying to figure out how I can plan my next trip. I grew up by the sea in South Florida, but I’m fixated with the desert and am often dreaming of Joshua Tree, California, and Marfa, Texas.

I love live music, which usually means catching shows near home in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, but I've also been known to get on a plane if it means I will get to see acts like Death Cab for Cutie, Morrissey, U2 and the talent that Coachella brings in every year.




What I'm into

I would never turn down a trip to: Austin, New Orleans or New York

Best thing I ever ate: Duck confit at a sidewalk cafe in Paris ... but I have a tendency to think whatever I made last night with Blue Apron is the best thing I've eaten, too. Also, Louisiana overall has the best food I've had anywhere.

If I could only subscribe to three magazines, I'd get: Bon Appetit, New York and Domino

Concert I'll never forget: U2's The Joshua Tree 30th anniversary tour

TV show I can quote verbatim: The Office

Fictional character I'd want to hang out with: Sirius Black

Biggest dream right now: Buying and renovating a house. I'm hoping to finally break that millennial stereotype sometime in the next few years!